The Markilux 730/830 window awning is an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional way to manage light and heat. When extended, the awning prevents sunlight from damaging furnishings and heating interiors while maintaining views with sufficient light and air. When not needed, the awning fully retracts into the protection of a small, sleek aluminum cassette.


  • Custom made to the precise dimensions of your project
  • Easily adjustable in size and pitch to fit any circumstance
  • M730 in square cassette, M830 in rounded cassette
  • Available in 3 standard cassette colors and 162 custom colors
  • Premium High-Tech Fabrics in hundreds of color selections


  • Maximum width is 23′, minimum is 2.5′
  • Maximum extension is 23′, minimum is 3.9′
  • Two units may be coupled for a combined maximum width of 26.2′
  • Pitch adjustment can be up to 140°
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M730 In Square Cassette

The M730/830 drop-arm window awning’s sturdy construction offers generous shade and flexible sun control with stability, even in windy conditions.

Product Features

  • High cover tension and wind performance via gas-piston arms
  • Extruded aluminum cassette is sturdy and only 4″ in height
  • Front profile has spring assisted closing mechanism
  • Wedge-in Accro bars for balcony installations
  • Cassette, front profile and arms are powder coated for long lasting beauty

Options and Operation

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Wind sensor

Vibrabox wind sensor retracts awning in high wind for maximum safety.

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Operating options

Manual operation from either outside (standard) or inside, hard wired to a switch, or operation with radio remote control.

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Anti corrosion treatment

Our special anti-corrosion treatment is applied before the powder coating to all components—brackets, arms, cassettes. It is recommended for all installations in harsh environments and within a half-mile of the ocean.

The window awning 730 /830 is offered in the following standard colors. In addition, the cassette may be custom colored in 162 Dupont RAL colors (delivery times extended).

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  • Traffic White

  • Metallic Aluminum

  • Grey Brown

Markilux offers a complete range of premium, high-tech awning fabrics for the M730/830 in an unmatched range of colors. Each of our awning fabrics meets the highest standards for UV Protection, Color Fastness and Weather Resistance. For commercial installations, we can provide awning fabrics that meet the strictest US and Canadian fire codes.