The Markilux Planet free standing awning shade system is an incredibly stylish and personalized way to provide shade where you want it, when you want it. The single slender support post harmonizes beautifully with the full range of Markilux awnings which can be mounted on the Planet.


  • Supports all Markilux awnings except the MX-1
  • Planet Flex model rotates up to 335° with easy turn lever to adjust to the rotating sun
  • Awarded Plus X Award as “Best Product of Year”
  • When shade is not needed, awning and fabric retract into protection of cassette


  • Planet can be utilized with the full range of Markilux awnings. The dimensions available for each awning determine the dimensions of the free-standing shade system.
  • Widths up to 20’, Extensions up to 11.5’
  • Awning cassette mounted at 9.1’ high
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Markilux Planet Flex rotates up to 335 degrees to follow the sun

With a single slender support post, Planet is impressively stylish, yet completely functional. It is the perfect way to deliver shade to your favorite location away from structures. Please consult the individual awning pages for features and options of each model.

Product Features

  • Markilux Planet ''easy go version'' : post rotatable by up to 335°.

Options and Operation

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Shadeplus valence

ShadePlus Valance drops from front profile up to 8.25′ for completely customized shading, added privacy and protection from sun and wind.

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Planet Flex

The Markilux PLANET can be rotated b virtue of the easy go turn/lever mechanism up to 335°.

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Integrated spotlights

Up to 6 LED spotlights, adjustable horizontally, vertically and dimmable, can be integrated in front profile.

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Vibrabox wind sensor

Vibrabox wind sensor retracts awning in high wind for maximum safety.

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Operating options

Remote control operation, hard-wired operation to a switch, or manual operation (standard).

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Anti corrosion treatment

Our special anti-corrosion treatment is applied before the powder coating to all components—brackets, arms, rails, cassettes. It is recommended for all installations in harsh environments and within a half-mile of the ocean.

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Bionic tendon

Our exclusive bionic tendon provides friction-free and noiseless operation over 50,000 openings.

The Planet support pole is offered in 7 standard colors to match the standard awning cassette colors, please see the individual awning product pages for details. There is also an option for custom coloring in 162 Dupont RAL colors (delivery times extended).

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  • Traffic White

  • Anthracite Metallic

  • Grey Brown

  • Light Ivory

  • Havana Brown Textured

  • Off-White Textured

  • Stone Grey Metallic

  • Metallic Aluminum

Markilux offers a complete range of premium, high-tech awning fabrics for our awnings in an unmatched range of colors. Each of our awning fabrics meets the highest standards for UV Protection, Color Fastness and Weather Resistance. For commercial installations, we can provide awning fabrics that meet the strictest US and Canadian fire codes. Please see the detailed information about fabrics available on each awning’s product page.